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Katherine, the youngest daughter in the Dr. Phil family, breaks the rules. Find out what she does that causes Dr. Phil to end their work together. Next, go behind the scenes with Dr. Phil cameras to see how the drama unfolded before last week's show. Will the truth behind Leliah’s bruises ever come out? And when Alex, who is seven months pregnant, tells Dr. Phil she's experiencing contractions, Erin checks on her daughter, and a heated argument ensues. Then, Alexandra's ex-husband, Chris, returns to the show. Hear what he has to say about Alex's fiancé, Tony's, polygraph results and what he thinks of Tony saying he was too sick to retake the test. Plus, see Erin's weight loss progress as she strives to lead a healthier lifestyle. Don't miss Dr. Phil's surprise for her!

"When Tony first agreed to take the polygraph test, I was definitely nervous." Alex shares her candid thoughts about Tony’s polygraph results. Read her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: canadianna on May 10, 2010, 7:00PM - In reply to readandreply
I like that Dr. Phil is acknowledging what Erin has done for her two grandchildren -whose birth mother abandoned them.

I think plastic surgery emphasizes lesser issues but don't really care who wants to do what with their face(s).

I also think that this situation is now far beyond any mistakes Erin made with her own daughters who one day will have to find someone else to blame.  Erin stepped up to provide stability and love to the two children Alexandra claimed to "love" and "want" - and abandoned.

Without Erin, where would those two children be?
Replied By: robbin05 on May 10, 2010, 6:52PM
I have been waiting for Katherine to be fired...she ABSOLUTELY DESERVES IT!  I was happy that Dr. Phil was able to stick to his guns UNLIKE KATHERINE. She has the attitudes of someone who either did use drugs OR is still using...they make promises, only to break them. EXCUSES after excuse. Manipulative and always knowing what they will end up doing, which is always to DISAPPOINT. She claims to be doing so well but her blatant disrespect and actions show otherwise AND she wants to be a TEACHER?!  I CAN TELL YOU, THERE WOULD BE NO WAY SHE WOULD BE MY CHILD'S TEACHER. IF THEY DID NOT REMOVE MY CHILD AS HER TEACHER, I WOULD CHANGE SCHOOLS! NO WAY WOULD I WANT SOMEONE LIKE HER HAVING ANY INFLUENCE OR TEACHING MY CHILD. As for Alex....THERE IS NO HOPE FOR HER...NOTHING BUT DISAPPOINTMENT. SHE WILL BLAME EVERYONE BUT HERSELF FOR HER FAILURES. She is just going on the show to get all she can get out of the show, Dr. Phil and Robin....Her attitude shows she will do nothing about her situation or fix it. SHE GAVE UP AND IS A USER OF THE SHOW AND OF DR. PHIL AND IS A TAKER FOR ALL THE FREEBIES THE SHOW GIVES, such as dinners, limo rides and gets pampered with hair and makeup for the show (HER 15 MIN OF FAME) AND ANY GIFTS OR HELP THE SHOW WILL OFFER HER.....ALL THIS FOR WHAT?  I also must mention; I doubt she was having braxton hicks during the show. She is doing what Tony did... avoid questions....if she was in such pain, I did not see any perspiration on her forehead or any other signs. A FAKE OUT LIKE TONY?!  She, MOST LIKELY WILL LOSE HER CHILDREN AND STAY WITH TONY! She is delusional thinking she will be able to keep Tony's child (which she wants) AND IT SHOWS SHE COULD CARE LESS THAT SHE KEEPS HER OTHER TWO PRECIOUS KIDS....SHE IS HANDING THEM OVER TO THEIR GRANDPARENTS BECAUSE SHE IS MAD AT HER MOTHER AND DOES NOT WANT TO CONTINUE HER RESPONSIBILITY OF RAISING HER TWO OLDER CHILDREN AND HIS HANDING THEM OVER ON A SILVER PLATTER TO HER MOM & DAD. I want to find out the end result of whether she keeps her kids or they get taken away....AFTER THIS, DR. PHIL NEEDS TO FIRE ALEX AS WELL. IT IS ALL A LOST CAUSE. IF Erin and her husband end up with the children to raise....I feel Erin and her husband need to be in family counseling and a refresher course on raising children. (Not at the Dr.Phil Shows DIME) Erin has a cutting mouth, very condescending, over bearing in tone, in how she words things she says and cuts like a knife. She also baits fights using how she words/says things and my fear, the GRANDKIDS JUST MIGHT END UP LIKE ALEX AND KATHERINE IN THE LONG RUN without having some kind of counseling. The on going drama with the Dr. Phil Family will be "FOR THE KIDS" as Dr. Phil advocates and YET AGAIN THE DR. PHIL FAMILY KEEPS GETTING WHAT THEY WANT, ATTENTION AND THEIR 15 MIN. OF FAME!  THIS FAMILY DOES NOT LEARN!  I hope Erin enjoys her new gifts the show is lavishing on her to "REFRESH HER LOOKS", BUT REALLY, I don't see any difference of fixing hers and Marty's issues any more than I see their daughter's doing so.....DR. PHIL NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO GENEROUS TO THIS FAMILY. IN MY VIEW, THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT. THE OUTCOME LOOKS BLEAK and NEVER ENDING.  I see a family that is NEEDY AND WANTING CONTINUOUS ATTENTION & FAME. COMPLIMENTS OF THE DR. PHIL SHOW.
Replied By: readandreply on May 10, 2010, 6:44PM
are you kidding me?!

this is what he is focusing on with this family?!  when there are so many families/issues out there that could really use help - he is focusing on something so superficial for this woman who raised two spoiled brats?!
Replied By: twodox on May 10, 2010, 6:36PM
I have been following this family since the first show and finally stopped watching because I got tired of seeing the manipulation utilized by everyone in this family.  Talk about dysfunctional.  They are really a great example but unfortunately all too common.  I cannot believe why anyone would think they could help these people.  First of all the illness has infected each and everyone of the family members and the folks with whom they interact.  The problem lies in the fact that they all get away with it as do most children in families where parents, either because of their preexisting dysfunctionality or because they just want to be politically correct and tolerate everything, have abrogated their parental duties.  Look around at the mess this country is in and then assess the problems caused by  the complacency for everything abnormal heretofore or politically correct to garner votes and make more money.  Females today function truly as incubators and service the sperm donors as desired.  Why not?  Noone is responsible.   I really do feel sad for the kids in this family.  They are in for a rocky ride.
Replied By: nyy0853 on May 10, 2010, 6:30PM
Alex you have got to be kidding with tony. You're a beautiful girl but not the sharpest tool in the shed. Tony is abusing your daughter, and can't even pass a polygraph test. He hits your daughter and you stand by him. You need to dump him and get your life back on track. There is no way the court system will give you custody with that kind of thinking. I know Moms can sometimes get on your nerves but your Mom I feel is really trying  to help you. Take the help from her and Dr. Phil and use it to the best for you. You will never get this chance again. Being on Dr. Phil is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Replied By: canadianna on May 10, 2010, 6:29PM
Unless having a 35-year-old still living with her parents  is acceptable - rent-free, I think it's fair to conclude - when is the "right" time for Katherine to behave as the adult she claims she is and make it on her own? (hint: it's what adults do, Katherine)

Would it be in a year? Five years? Three years next Tuesday? How about right NOW?

"Ooooh, I really appreciate everything Dr. Phil has done for me" she lied, then.

"I don't have to do anything I don't want to do" she smirked, today.

I really really hope this is the wake-up call - not for Katherine but for Erin . She's no longer a three year old you're protecting from the boogeyman. She is of legal age and making disastrous decisions. How will she ever learn if you don't leave her to it?

Leave her to her own devices, beginning with a deadline to move out , taking her drugs and her attitude far and away from Leilah and Nathan. This Friday is a reasonable deadline for her to pack her stuff and leave. Think of the "freedom" she will have from her "interfering mother"!  You'd think she'd jump at the chance!

Cut off all financial help. Katherine says she's working - a good time to learn how responsible adults make ends meet. No bail next time she finds herself in a police station. No lawyer (legal aid is available and now's a good time to find out how to access it). No cell phone. No laptop,  (internet cafes exist for a reason).  No manicures. No clothing allowance.

No use of any car, no gas money, no rent or grocery money (she can consult with her sister for a list of free state benefits).  Scholarships and bursaries are available  for living expenses, for students serious about their education who walk their talk and achieve the GPA to qualify.  Dr. Phil says you deprive your 'child' of a sense of achievement by doing everything for them and this means you do not have to pay for everything anymore.

It won't be easy - and you will have the full support of Dr. Phil to help you be strong (he committed to that today).

p.s. I don't think Erin has anything to be embarrassed about. Katherine's actions are nothing to do with anyone but Katherine.

p.p.s. If plastic surgery floats your boat, go for it.

As always, Erin - best wishes and good luck.
Replied By: suzpa62 on May 10, 2010, 6:20PM - In reply to chesspie
I couldn't agree more! I've been listening to this family whine on ever since Alexandra first got pregnant and it doesn't seem like anyone has learned a thing. I'm sure Alex feels like a daytime soap opera star and loves every minute of it. I admire your patience Dr. Phil, but these pathetic people are taking advantage of your good will.
Replied By: shethings on May 10, 2010, 6:15PM
Let's quite the Kudos as soon as we find out how happy mom is to look better!  Free plastic surgery... right after that's done , ten to one if life doesn't get normal (and how can it)  she'll leave to find greener pastures!

What mom is worried about looking better (and she actually looks ok now) when her one daughter refuses a drug screen because she can't pass it. The other daughter is on child number 3 with someone the mother doesn't even like and feels is a decent person. All she can focus on is he can't read, wow! Lot's of people can't read and they aren't being accused of child abuse so the two really have nothing to do with each other.  I personally believe Tony probably is an angry guy and not deserving of fatherhood but hey, his gal , her daughter, is stilcking by him because TV is better than real life. She dresses nice, looks great and has no money?  How is that possible?  This whole show Dr. Phil looks like a train wreck with the only one coming out of it happy is the mom when she up and leaves everyone because all of a sudden it's about her and what a good dependable person she was and now she deserves more?

Good luck
Replied By: cmgingerich on May 10, 2010, 6:13PM
I think they need to give this family their own damn show as crazy as they are. It's so funny to me how everyone has something bad to say about the Dr. Phil Family but every Monday they tune in to see how many of Alex's kids Erin has this week and who is smokin what. Dr. Phil really just needs to get them their own show they could call it Keeping up with the Crazies. I'm sure everyone would tune in to see who Alex has a kid with next a junkie or a male prostitute. Who ever it may be I hope that it's not another guy who can't read or understand even when someone is reading to him. No matter how dysfunctional this family may be I know that I have my DVR set for record because my life is drama free and to see someone else with drama is very entertaining. To say the least I will be watching the last 3 episodes of this wild family.
Replied By: lydarose on May 10, 2010, 5:55PM - In reply to cindy57
cindy57: "What an insult... after all the work Erin has put in on herself ( go girl!) and looking more beautiful each appearence why on earth offer a FACELIFT?????"

Because the surgeon involved is a doctor on "The Doctors" and it's a great tie-in for the franchise.

I like Dr. Phil, and I think he's done some very good work. But he has never really hidden that he is both fiscally and ethically a moderately, conservative Christian, and has no problem doing a gratuitous "good deed" that might pump the ratings on his shows. And why should we care if he does? It's his money and I doubt it's going to wreck Erin's character to spoil her a little. For Erin to get a kick out of preening in front of the mirror will be better for all concerned than the drama-queen routine she has given her family for the last few years.

I'm happy that both Katherine and Dr. Phil have pretty much mutually cut the apron strings to the show. Either Katherine has actually pretty much got herself together despite toking a little pot and will finish school and make herself a life, or she's going to take a fall and have to put on her big girl panties and figure it all out on her own. Either way she grows up- finally.  If Erin and Marty can resist rescuing her again.

Alexandra is going to lose those kids, now, even if Tony takes a long walk which he well may. "Alex, can you spell  the word CLUELESS? I knew you could." She doesn't have a brain in her head, these days. Tony is a pretty limited person who is WAY out of his depth with Dr. Phil's crowd. Honestly, though, I'd bet he really did feel nauseous before those cancelled polygraph tests. If I were under such stress, I would, too. The thing is that I would KNOW it was stress and fear, and not viral flu.

Buh-bye, Original Dr. Phil Family. You'll always have the dvds to remember the good times.
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